For the smooth and trouble-free laying of parquetry or other flooring materials, there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration. The substrate should always be firm, level and, ideally, dry. Parquetry can be laid on conventional or prefabricated screed. A distinction needs to be drawn between absorbent cementitious screed and non-absorbent mastic asphalt screed. The type of parquet and the adhesive to be used as well as the processing time depend on the type of screed which has been installed.

The right adhesive for floor laying

Parquetry poses special requirements for the substrate and for the adhesive to be used. For indoor wooden flooring, PCI has developed a special adhesive that is solvent-free and features low emissions: PCI PAR 365. This adhesive has a water-free formulation based on silane-modified polymers. As a result, the parquetry cannot swell and the adhesive is easy to spread, with stable ridges.

You can use this PCI parquetry adhesive for various materials such as solid wood parquetry blocks, multi-layer parquetry, upright lamella parquetry, laminated and other wooden flooring materials. The product, which is supplied ready for use, forms a relatively hard adhesive bed with elastic properties and allows a long working time. 


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Floating or bonded - laying parquetry with PCI

Floating installation is the easiest approach for a parquet floor. The wooden flooring is not durably bonded to the substrate and can be laid directly on the existing floor covering. However, if a durable solution is required, we recommend that the parquetry should be bonded using an SMP or powder adhesive from the PCI PAR family.

In preparation for the installation of parquetry, the old floor covering needs to be removed. Then the substrate must be inspected for any cracks, which may be sealed using products such as PCI Apogel® SH. If the surface is not level, we recommend our floor leveling compounds.

If you have any questions concerning our product systems, you are very welcome to contact our PCI specialist advisers. You can then select the right products for your project during a personal discussion with our adviser.