PCI Armiermatte GFM

Reinforcing fibreglass mesh for the installation in PCI floor levellers
PCI Armiermatte GFM
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Alkali resistant; the glass fibres have a durable resistance in alkaline media as well as in acid media.
  • High tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity to effectively increase the tensile strength and bending tensile strength of suitable PCI floor levellers.
  • Uncomplicated installation.
  • Fast work progress.
  • High reliability in application (test certificate by TU Munich).
  • Low construction height of the system with suitable PCI floor levellers from 5 mm upwards.
    PCI Armiermatte GFM:
  • With special binder holding together the glass fibres in mat form when delivered; the glass fibres dissolve without any affects when in contact with suitable PCI floor levellers.
  • No interference of the composite by a separating finish on the reinforcement between fibre and PCI floor levelling compound as well as PCI floor leveller and primed substrate.
  • The reinforcing fibres remain in a high concentration – plane in all horizontal directions - in the lower boundary area of the levelling layer.
  • Complete encasement of reinforcement fibres by the PCI floor leveller is possible.
    PCI Armiermatte GFS:
  • Fibre strands fixed on a mesh with carrier fleece.
  • Simple handling and embedding in suitable PCI floor levellers.
  • Reinforcement does not float on the surface.

colour: white
packaging: 100-m-roll
  • For reinforcing and increasing the tensile strength of suitable cementitious PCI floor levellers to produce a composite leveller in layer thicknesses from 5 mm
    - on substrates with existing cracks and dummy joints
    - on substrates sensitive to forming cracks and mixed substrates
    - on substrates slightly vibrating or sensitive to vibrations (e.g. wooden floorboard constructions).
    PCI Armiermatte GFM:
  • Suitable for substrates with cracks up to a width of approx. 3 mm and minor movement to be expected.
    PCI Armiermatte GFS:
  • In addition to PCI Armiermatte GFM for cracks from 3 mm to 5 mm and major movement to be expected.