»All-weather« waterproofing strip Cold-applied, self-adhesive strips for waterproofing building elements down to –5 °C
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • For cold application down to –5 °C
  • Also for use on damp substrates if used as a system
  • Immediately impervious to water and driving rain
  • Flexible and crack-bridging

packaging: 25-m-roll

For waterproofing vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and outdoors, on the positive side:

  • For waterproofing basement walls and floor slabs in contact with the soil to protect them against moisture in the soil and non-standing seepage water. (exposure in accordance with DIN 18533-2 W1.1-E and W1.2-E).
  • For waterproofing flat garage roofs which cannot be walked on (with a slope of at least 2% and additional protective layer, e.g. gravel) and for waterproofing retaining walls in landscape gardening.
  • For waterproofing against capillary rising moisture and as a water vapour barrier under screeds.
  • For L-shaped or Z-shaped waterproofing layers in double-leaf brickwork. DIN 18533-2 W4-E (application type MSB-nQ).
  • As waterproofing exposed to soil to DIN 18 533 in the water exposure classes W1-E, W3-E and W4-E.