Mortar additive fluid

PCI Dichtungsmittel flüssig

for cement screeds, renders, masonry mortars and joint grouts

fields of application

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Mortar additive for render and gauged render.
  • For producing cement mortar and cement screed with reduced absorption of water and low penetration depth of water, with plasticising properties.
  • Also suitable for a heated screed.

features and benefits

  • Lower penetration depth of water; water-impermeable screed and render can be produced.
  • Plasticising properties, better workability and easier application of screed, render, mortar and joint grout.
  • Helps improve frost resistance, less damages to screed, render and joint grout for masonry caused by frost.
  • Helps improve resistance to water aggressive against concrete (see also DIN 4030-1).
  • Helps reduce efflorescence, unsightly staining is reduced or even prevented.
  • Chloride free, no ingredients which stimulate corrosion according to the test report issued by Forschungs- und Materialprüfanstalt Baden-Wurttemberg (Research and Material Testing Institute Baden-Wuerttemberg).

colour: dark brown

packaging: 5-l-canister


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