PCI PowerBoard boards

HR foam supporting element for interior construction and renovation
PCI PowerBoard boards
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Board length and angle length of 2.6 m correspond to the German Building Regulation.
  • The element is coated with a special mortar with glass fiber fabric enabling direct tiling or rendering/plastering.
  • Very high rigidity and stability, therefore best suitable for leveling work.
  • Precise application, exact cutting of edges and dense surfaces guarantee rapid work progress.
  • The core is made of foamed material (ozone friendly) and corresponds to building grade B1, DIN 4102 part 1.
  • Easy installation and application by using customary dowels and tools (craftknife, hand saw or electric saw) and PCI bedding materials.

packaging: 109,20-m²-pallet/ 78-m²-pallet/ 56,16-m²-pallet/ 40,56-m²-pallet
  • For indoor and outdoor use (for raised floors and stairs).
  • For floors, walls and overhead application.
  • For critical substrates.
  • For later completion in wet areas (e.g. bathroom and kitchen).
  • For various designs in interior construction and drywall construction.
  • For renovation and new buildings.
  • Prefabricated angle elements for corners or cladding of pipes and wires.