PCI Repaflow® Uni

Cement-based grouting and anchoring mortar single component with compensated shrinkage
PCI Repaflow® Uni
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Shrink compensated, crack-free curing of the grout, accurate to dimension and maintaining the volume.
  • High early and final strength.
  • Flowable, practically self levelling for easy filling of horizontal cavities.
  • Long processing time up to 45 minutes at +20°C.
  • Pumpable, in open system with separate mixer and supply pump.
  • Resistant to frost and de-icing salt, high resistance to de-icer.
  • Force-locked, supporting bond, provides for a homogeneous load transfer to the foundation.
  • Chloride free, does not cause corrosion to steel.
  • Water impermeable.
  • Certified to EN 1504-6.

colour: grey
packaging: 25-kg-bag
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Load-transferring, supporting, force-transmitting bond between concrete foundations and machines, steel bed plates, steel rails and high shelving pillars, drain gutters, steel railings.
  • Force-transmitting grouting of pre-fabricated concrete pillars in hole footings.Void-free bond between components and non-reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete.
  • For grouting heights from 20 to 80 mm, up to 180 mm when blended with gravel.