PCI Silcofug® Multicolor

Elastic joint sealant for indoor and outdoor use
PCI Silcofug® Multicolor
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  • Elastic, capable of absorbing joint movement up to 20% (cf. IVD leaflet no. 2 - Classification of joint sealants).
  • Resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation, ideal for outdoor application, temperature resistant up to +165°C.
  • Contains fungicides, prevents fungal decay and mildew growth on the joint sealant.
  • Resistant to commercial household cleaners and disinfectants, the joint can be easily cleaned.

colour: no. 01 brilliant white
packaging: 310-ml-cartridge
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For walls and floors.
  • Available in 390 colours, cf. PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor.
  • For sealing corner joints, movement joints and connection joints in sanitary areas, public swimming pools including pool and pool surrounds, on balconies and terraces.
  • For sealing joints between glass, aluminium, wood, enamel, ceramic, rigid PVC and sanitary acrylic.
  • For sealing glazing rebates at window frames made of wood, anodized and non-anodized aluminium (cf. DIN 18545 part 1-3 and IVD leaflet no. 10 – Glass sealing of wooden windows with joint sealants).
  • For sealing butt joints at figured glass, corrugated glass, glass blocks and elements.
PCI Silcofug® Multicolor
Elastic joint sealant
for indoor and outdoor use
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