Eliminating moisture in the masonry quickly and in the long term
As part of the full refurbishment of a single-family house in Simmerath near Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia, the basement also had to be extensively renovated. The aim was to eliminate moisture on the outer wall. With the help of the 2-component, flexible reactive waterproofing product PCI Barraseal Turbo, the project could be carried out quickly and without any problems. 

The single-family house, built in 1960, is located in Steckenborn, a district of Simmerath in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is picturesquely situated on the outskirts on a hill overlooking the Eifel. The house, which is clearly getting on in years, is being completely renovated and expanded to three units. The basement also had to be drained along the outer wall. Damp masonry is a big problem that should be fixed as soon as possible. Moisture that penetrates through exterior basement walls not only attacks the building fabric, but also the health of the occupants living in the house as it promotes the spread of mold. 

Basement renovation from the outside
The construction company Freiboth, based in nearby Nideggen, implemented the renovation project and relied on the support of PCI consultant Sascha Wilden. In order to get to the damp wall, the craftspeople exposed the basement from the outside. Due to the low temperatures, the individual work steps had to be carried out quickly. Rapid processing of the products was therefore essential. 

Application by spraying
In order to work as efficiently, time-saving and as gentle on the body as possible, Daniel Freiboth used the flexible reactive waterproofing product PCI Barraseal Turbo, which can be easily applied by spraying. The InoBEAM M8 feed pump from Inotec GmbH was used for this purpose. This made it easy to apply the waterproofing layer with PCI Barraseal Turbo after manually scraping a contact layer onto the old waterproofing. The bitumen-free all-rounder PCI Barraseal Turbo is a bonding agent, surface, base and horizontal waterproofing in one product and is also suitable for bonding drainage and insulation boards. The waterproofing is versatile and can be filled, plastered over or painted over very quickly. It is therefore ideal for basements in contact with the ground and for renovations under time pressure. The first waterproofing layer was allowed to dry, then a second layer was applied in the same method. 

Fast, simple and convenient
The application of PCI Barraseal Turbo waterproofing by spraying has many advantages. The layers can be applied easily and quickly. Compared to conventional waterproofing products, the application is particularly gentle on the body and comfortable for the craftspeople. And the work is progressing quickly. A craftsman can apply one layer to around 90 square meters in two hours. For comparison: when processing by hand, two skilled workers need about one working day for the same area. In addition, PCI Barraseal Turbo can be applied without a fabric, even against rising seepage water and pressing water up to a water column of three meters. This also saves about one working day. Another advantage: Since PCI Barraseal Turbo dries very quickly, the second layer can be applied on the same afternoon when the outside temperature is 12 to 15 degrees. The worker does not have to go to the construction site again to finish the waterproofing - this saves time and resources. Also backfilling of the excavation pit is possible after only about 6 hours. PCI Barraseal Turbo can be applied very precisely and with little loss of material. In addition, it is very economical - and thus saves not only time but also material costs.

Daniel Freiboth was convinced by the application properties of PCI Barraseal Turbo: "We worked with PCI products for the first time on the recommendation of the building materials dealer and are thrilled: application by spraying is unbeatably fast and, compared to other products, is significantly less physically demanding."




Basement renovation and drainage of the outer walls


Simmerath near Aachen



Specialist advice

Sascha Wilden


Freiboth Bauunternehmung from Nideggen

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