Universal flexible joint grout PCI Nanofug Premium: another addition to the PCI Nano line

Quick and convenient grouting of porcelain and stoneware coverings

With the Nano line, PCI Augsburg GmbH has had a proven product line in its ranks for more than 10 years, which, thanks to innovative cement-based grout technology, is optimally suited for the laying of ceramic tiles with high visual demands. The company introduced the latest member of the product line, made especially for the jointing of porcelain stoneware and stoneware coverings for indoor and outdoor use, at this year’s BAU trade fair in Munich. PCI Nanofug® Premium is part of a new generation of intelligent products from PCI. What's so special about it: it combines convenient application with many positive product properties for applicators and building owners. And all this in 17 brilliant colours and with a fine, functional surface, which requires much less cleaning thanks to its "easy-to-clean" effect.

The latest member of the Nano product line from the construction chemicals manufacturer PCI Augsburg GmbH: The universal flexible joint grout PCI Nanofug Premium, specifically for the jointing of porcelain stoneware and stoneware coverings indoors and outdoors. The premium joint grout for joint widths of 1 to 10 millimetres combines the advantages of a quick product with the comfortable processing properties of a normal-setting cement-based joint grout.

PCI Nanofug Premium scores with a moderate processing time of 40 minutes and can be very easily worked into the joint thanks to its fine and smooth consistency. At the same time, the cement-based joint material convinces with a very short hardening time and the inherent comfortable window of time for washing. PCI Nanofug Premium can be walked on again after just two hours. Convenient: the easy-to-clean effect guarantees simple cleaning of the surface; at the same time the premium joint grout scores with its increased resistance to acidic household cleaners.

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