A sports partnership enters the next round

PCI extends its partnership with FC Augsburg

PCI Augsburg GmbH is extending its commitment to the premier league football club FC Augsburg. The construction chemicals manufacturer from Augsburg thus continues as one of the club's official partners in the 2014/15 season. PCI, Germany's market leader in the field of tiling materials and a supplier of construction chemical products for contractors and floorers, will therefore continue to advertise on FCA's premium TV perimeter display, use its own company box and support upcoming talent as a 'FRIEND OF FCA'.

"We are pleased to continue being a partner of FC Augsburg! This means that two strong brands in the town will continue to work together in the future. Our workforce has long-standing contact with and considerable commitment to FCA. That is why, for us, the partnership is also a clear acknowledgement of our home town," says Uwe Kautz, Sales Manager PCI Central Sales and football fan. Sabine Knoll, Marketing Communications & Services Manager at PCI adds: "PCI has been an official FCA partner for eight years. Along with all FCA fans, we are now looking forward to an exciting and - what is sure to be - successful new season."

"It's great to see a successful company in the region like PCI having strong ties with FC Augsburg. Such reliable partners from the surrounding area are very valuable for consolidating professional structures here at the club," says Stefan Reuter, Managing Director for Sport at FC Augsburg.

Oliver Steinmetz, team leader at SPORTFIVE, which initiated the extension of the partnership, adds: "PCI Augsburg GmbH is a nice example of a lively, passionate partnership. You can really sense the enthusiasm for FCA, not only from those directly involved, but also from the guests in the box."

At a successful home game against HSV, PCI Augsburg GmbH extended its commitment to FC Augsburg – a reason to celebrate for Uwe Kautz (Sales Manager PCI Central Sales), Sabine Knoll (Marketing Communications & Services Manager at PCI), Stefan Reuter (Manager FCA) and Oliver Steinmetz (Senior Director SPORTFIVE).