Comprehensive product range for garden and landscaping construction

PCI products for garden and landscaping professionals and satisfied end customers

Creating gardens and rest areas, terraces and paths, water supplies and ponds, designing conservatories and grilling points – hardly any other field is as versatile and as diversified as the one that garden and landscape builders are active in. The requirements for the products and systems used by garden and landscaping businesses are correspondingly high. PCI Augsburg GmbH offers garden and landscape builders a special range of products for this purpose, ensuring smooth operations in everyday practice.


"End customer requirements are on the rise. We therefore continue to consistently upgrade our product range for garden and landscaping businesses", confirmed Oliver Marek, construction products manager at PCI. "Customers want their building projects completed and in operation even faster than before these days. High demands are also made with regards to appearance. "In order to securely guarantee the satisfaction of our end customers, we continuously optimise our products with regards to hardening time speeds, weather resistance reliability and appearance", assured the specialist.


Reliability is paramount in garden and landscaping construction

Natural gardens, outdoor cooking, natural stone walls and surfaces are just some of the numerous trends in garden and landscape construction. Which trends will become a permanent hit and which ones won't is still to be seen. What is certain, however: Reliability will always be required for garden and landscaping construction. "Coverings under open skies are permanently exposed to high stresses. PCI offers perfect solutions here, fully accessible shortly after laying is complete, such as e.g. the PCI Pavifix DM drain and screed mortar and the sturdy repair mortar PCI Repafast Tixo", recommended Oliver Marek. PCI also provides products for visually demanding, long-lasting paving, such as: the water-permeable joint grout mortars PCI Pavifix 1K Extra and PCI Pavifix PU for creating drainable paving surfaces, and the cement-based paving joint grout mortars PCI Pavifix CEM, PCI Pavifix CEM Rapid and PCI Pavifix CEM ROC. "As the trend is heading towards sensitive natural stone surfaces of all types, we have developed a comprehensively reliable product system where everything matches up, from adhesive primers to grouting mortar, and where everything delivers first-class results. These include various mortar types such as PCI Carraflott NT, PCI Carrament, PCI Carralight and PCI Carraflex, together with the special grout mortar PCI Carrafug and the silicone sealant PCI Carraferm", said the experienced PCI product manager.


PCI products – the right choice when speed is essential

Saving time is also frequently an essential factor in addition to strong loading when repairing industrial real estate, road surfaces, etc. The quick setting mortars PCI Repafast Tixo and PCI Repafast Fluid are, for example, suitable when installing manhole or drain covers. "The material is dry within two hours – a truck can then be driven over it", emphasised Oliver Marek. Even when components such as fences, railings, door frames, etc. need installing, quick setting products ensure permanent strength, for example, the instant installation mortar PCI Polyfix 30 Sek., the instant cement mortar PCI Polyfix 5 Min. and the rapid-setting installation mortar PCI Verguss-Fix. "Because we intensively accompany numerous garden and landscaping business projects, and we are continuously in contact with the garden and landscaping professionals, we know precisely where the problems are on the building sites in everyday life – and what we can improve. This is precisely what we tailor our product range to", confirmed Oliver Marek.

The product family PCI Pavifix encompasses perfectly conceived and matched processing solutions, including water-impermeable cement-based joint grout mortars for strong loading, drainable joint grout mortars that ensure water is directly drained into the substrate, and bedding and special mortars for permanent constructions.