PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid: the new repair mortar for rapid concrete refurbishment

Rapid refurbishment of concrete building components, even at low temperatures

PCI Augsburg GmbH has added a fast-setting variant to its successful PCI Nanocret product family: PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid is the new repair mortar for fast concrete refurbishment. As a convenient all-rounder, the repair mortar is suitable for all user groups – from builders to building protection specialists and general building contractors. Concrete repairs can also be carried out at low temperatures, ensuring fast progress with work from spring to autumn.

“Concrete repair work also needs to be carried out at low temperatures under pressure of time, which is why we developed PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid,” says Oliver Marek, Product Manager Construction Products, PCI Group. “A protective coating in accordance with OS 4, OS 5a or OS 5b can already be applied to PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid after only two hours. This means that concrete repair and paintwork can be completed in a single day. The contractor does not need to travel to the site again to complete the project and remove scaffolding or lifting platforms. That saves time and money.” 

Fast concrete refurbishment at low temperatures
PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid can be processed at ambient temperatures as low as 1 °C. The mortar always hardens consistently, with constant fast-setting properties. PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid is therefore the ideal repair mortar for use on cool days in the spring or autumn. It is equally well-suited for moist conditions such as those in freshly concreted basements or underground car parks. Waiting times in connection with repaired concrete surfaces can be reduced to a minimum. There is no need for long delays before continuing work. The repair mortar resists sulphate and carbonate attack and can be applied in layers with thicknesses from 5 to 50 mm.

Convenient to use
An important feature for all contractors working with the material is ease of use. PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid can be mixed without any problems and does not stiffen. This means that it is not necessary to continuously mix small quantities of mortar. Another convenient feature is the 2-in-1 technology: PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid is a combined bonding slurry and repair mortar. There is no need to deliver a separate bonding slurry to the construction site; this approach also prevents undesirable interaction between the materials, for example as a result of different setting times. As a result of the good adhesion and outstanding workability of the new repair mortar, it is especially well-suited for overhead application, in addition to use on walls and floors.

“Thanks to its fast-setting properties, with a working time of 15 to 20 minutes, PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid is a quick solution for partial repairs and mortar plugs. This is why we placed special emphasis on the homogeneous colouring in the development of the product,” says Oliver Marek, adding: “Thanks to its light-grey colour, the mortar blends in especially well with the repaired surface. Following refurbishment, a decorative coat of paint can be applied, but is not absolutely essential.” 

PCI Nanocret: the premium brand among the concrete repair mortars
Like the other products in the Nanocret family, PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid benefits from the special properties of nanotechnology. These concrete mortars develop significantly stronger bonding to the substrate than conventional concrete repair mortars. Thanks to nano-cement hydration, the mortar forms extremely fine phase structures, with a compact mortar structure that creates a stable interlocking bond with the substrate. Highly advanced fibre technology ensures that there are no shrinkage cracks or fine crazing of the surface. Apart from the new repair mortar PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid, the product family includes the fine fairing coat PCI Nanocret FC, the lightweight repair mortar PCI Nanocret R2, the multi-use repair mortar PCI Nanocret R3 and the high-strength repair mortar PCI Nanocret R4. All the products are available from dealers.

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The new repair mortar PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid is a reliable, convenient all-rounder for rapid repair work, also at low temperatures.

Repair and refurbishment work is often required on concrete structures such as balconies or parapets. With PCI Nanocret R4, work like this can be carried out rapidly and easily.

PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid can be covered either immediately with a concrete fairing coat or, after two hours, with acrylic paint.