PCI Repament Fein: the new repair mortar for concrete substrates and cement screeds

PCI launches easy-to-model fast-setting mortar with fine-grained structure

PCI Repament Fein is a new fine-grained, easily workable repair mortar that has been added to the product range of PCI Augsburg GmbH. The smooth, easy-to-model fast-setting mortar can be used for repair work and for producing sloped surfaces and screeds. PCI Repament Fein cures rapidly with virtually no shrinkage and can already be covered with ceramic tiles after about six hours. The repair mortar is available from dealers from January 2018. 

PCI Repament Fein is suitable for urgent repairs to concrete substrates. After mixing with water, the pre-mixed mortar is ready for use and has a very creamy consistency. As it has very good modelling properties, the repair mortar can be applied quickly and easily in layers between 10 and 100 millimetres. PCI Repament Fein is ideal for repair work on cement screeds, for the production of sloped surfaces and for bonded screeds or screeds on isolating or insulating layers. It is also well-suited for small screed surfaces up to 10 square metres. Thanks to the fine-grained structure of the material, screeds produced or repaired using PCI Repament Fein have an easy-to-seal homogeneous surface. They also feature high compressive strength to class CT C40-F6. 

“When developing this product, we focussed on the requirements of contractors laying tiles, natural stone and flooring,” says Andreas Pelz, Product Manager Floor Laying Systems, PCI Group. “Repair work on the substrate is required on almost all construction sites and delays flooring work. With PCI Repament Fein, these repairs can be carried out quickly and easily and ceramic tiles can already be laid after about six hours. This easy-to-use repair mortar is a very useful product for ensuring rapid progress.” With PCI Repament Fein, PCI offers a new mortar that is waterproof, frostproof and has very low emissions in accordance with GEV-EMICODE EC1 PLUS R.

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Screeds and sloped surfaces can be produced and repaired quickly using the new repair mortar PCI Repament Fein.

PCI Repament Fein has good modelling properties. It is easy to install and can be tiled over after about six hours. The screed has a very homogeneous surface.