For all seasons: PCI Flexmörtel Premium, the convenient, reliable adhesive, especially for outdoor applications

PCI Augsburg GmbH sets standards for outdoor applications with the new flexible adhesive for tiles and natural stone

It doesn’t matter whether the weather is good or bad: with its new PCI Flexmörtel Premium, PCI Augsburg GmbH offers a flexible adhesive especially designed for outdoor applications in difficult weather conditions. It combines the ease of use of a fast-setting adhesive with the benefits of a conventional adhesive and functions reliably in all weather conditions. As the flexible adhesive is not affected by efflorescence and sets rapidly even at low temperatures, it is especially well-suited for laying tiles and natural stone coverings on balconies and terraces. 

Effective protection against efflorescence and independence from weather conditions
It should be possible to lay tiles and slabs outdoors without any problems even at low temperatures. Severe temperature fluctuations of the type often seen in the spring and autumn present a special challenge. PCI offers the right tile adhesive with effective protection against efflorescence especially for such critical tiling work on balconies and terraces: “With the new PCI Flexmörtel Premium, tiles and natural stone coverings can be laid at temperatures as low as 5°C as well as at high temperatures,” says Thorsten Leppler, Product Manager for Tile Fixing Systems of the PCI Group. He adds: “The flexible adhesive functions at all temperatures and under all weather conditions. We can therefore offer dealers and contractors a reliable, durable solution for outdoor applications. 

Extremely easy to use, fast-drying
The high level of user comfort offered by PCI Flexmörtel Premium is a great benefit to contractors. The flexible mortar combines the ease of use of a fast-setting adhesive with a conventional adhesive. The short setting time means that tiling can already be walked on and used after a few hours even at low temperatures. PCI Flexmörtel Premium can also be used at high temperatures: in contrast to many fast-setting adhesives that set even faster at high temperatures, increasing the risk of damage, PCI Flexmörtel Premium features a long working time. In addition, the consistency of PCI is variable – it can be mixed as a thin-bed, flowable or medium-bed adhesive. Irregularities in the substrate can also be evened out by a layer with a thickness of up to 20 millimetres.  

The S1 technology developed by PCI also means that the adhesive can be used in interior applications for early covering of screed. Cement screeds can already be covered with a residual moisture level of ≤ 4% CM. This gives contractors considerably more flexibility and makes it easier for them to work within tight time schedules and budgets.

PCI Flexmörtel Premium is a very low-emission product in accordance with GEV-EMICODE EC 1 R. The adhesive is assigned to class C2 FE S1 in accordance with DIN EN 12004 and the flexible adhesive code of practice of Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.

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Thanks to its effective protection against efflorescence, PCI Flexmörtel Premium is especially well-suited for laying tiles and natural stone in outdoor applications.

The new PCI Flexmörtel Premium allows the convenient laying of durably secure coverings of tiles and natural stone whatever the weather conditions.