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PCI adhesion-enhancing primers for professional substrate preparation

If you plan to use elastic joints, the substrate must first be prepared for the silicone or polyurethane sealant. Acceptable results can only be obtained if the appropriate primer is applied. The various PCI elastic primers have been developed for the durable sealing of connecting and expansion joints. The transparent adhesion-enhancing primers PCI Elastoprimer 110, PCI Elastoprimer 150 and PCI Elastoprimer 165 ensure that the substrate colour is maintained and prevent discolouration. If you are not certain which primer would be best, please contact our experts – locally at your PCI dealership.

High-quality primers: the ideal preparation for PCI sealants

For each PCI sealant, we offer a variety of primers based on polyurethane, silane or epoxy resin which can be used on acrylic, concrete, wood and enamel, as well as other materials. These primers are suitable for work on walls, floors and ceilings both indoors and outdoors. After the edges of the joint have been primed professionally, the joint sealant can be applied. In contrast to the transparent products described above, PCI Elastoprimer 145 and PCI Elastoprimer 220 transfer a pink or reddish brown tone to the substrate.

Adhesion-enhancing primers for all stages in a construction project – fast and precise

Four the silicone sealant PCI Carraferm®, you can use various primers such as PCI Elastoprimer 110, 150 and 160, while PCI Elastoprimer 145 and 165 are better suited for use with PCI Elritan® 100 and PCI Elritan® 140. However, our adhesion-enhancing primers can be used not only in preparation for joint sealing but also to provide corrosion protection for de-rusted reinforcement steel. PCI Elastoprimer 220 is the best choice for this application.

This product is used as a primer on a variety of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel as well as light alloys and non-ferrous metals. Following the primer, products such as PCI Nanocret® and PCI Pericret® repair mortar may be applied. Alternatively, the primer can also be used prior to the application of PCI Apoflex® and PCI Seccoral®.