Screeds may be subject to cracking as a result of thermal expansion and contraction. For the effective sealing of cracks which have already occurred, silicate casting resin is recommended. When it has fully cured, this material ensures a friction-locked joint and is also suitable for the installation of joint dowels. PCI Apogel® SH is an especially low-emission injection resin which also features low odor levels.

In addition to reduced toxicity for construction workers and the environment, this product lowers odor levels on site. We also recommend other low-emission construction materials from the PCI range such as primers, insulation products and silicone sealants.

PCI Apogel SH injection resin: low-emission and fast-curing

Would you prefer to use a low-emission, solvent-free injection resin on your construction sites? PCI Apogel SH meets both requirements; freedom from solvents in accordance with TRGS 610 is a top priority for PCI. Thanks to its special formulation, this injection resin does not dissolve insulating material layers. Special injection nozzles can be individually adapted to the width of a crack, ensuring clean and easy processing.

The integrated scale also allows partial quantities to be mixed and the products to be precisely dosed. The relatively long working time of nine minutes and the relatively short curing time of 25 minutes – in both cases at 23°C – are typical features of PCI’s low-emission injection resin.



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The low-emission injection resin PCI Apogel SH can be used for a variety of different applications. Although it is mainly intended for indoor work, it is also suitable for outdoor applications provided that the conditions during installation are dry. It can be used for filling cracks and contraction joints up to a width of 5 mm as well as for grouting metal rails and nailing strips. The low emission injection resin is recommended for the installation of PCI Apogel® Dübel dowels in screed joints. To find out more about the application of this and other PCI products, browse through our website or contact your PCI adviser.