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Parquet adhesives for laying durable parquetry

Parquetry is one of the most exclusive floor coverings and normally consists of individual hardwood blocks made from the wood of deciduous trees. To lay a parquetry floor properly, carefully and durably, it is essential to select the right parquet adhesive. If the blocks are bonded to the substrate over their entire surface, impact sound is reduced and movement between the individual blocks is minimized. In addition, the performance of underfloor heating systems is improved if parquetry is bonded in place using adhesives.

For a luxurious feeling in your own four walls and durable floor coverings, PCI Augsburg GmbH has developed innovative, reliable systems as well as parquet adhesives. Just browse through our range and opt for the variety and strength of our product portfolio.

A systematic approach to parquet adhesives

Instead of wasting time looking for the right parquetry adhesive, you can opt for PCI’s first-class solutions consisting of harmonized systems. Our product systems and smart system solutions consist of high-grade individual products combined to form a smart concept and offering effective, advanced solutions for almost any project.

The graphic and tabular presentation of our products and our approach make it easy for you to complete the individual steps in the sequence and the entire construction project. In addition, alternative product proposals provide maximum flexibility without sacrificing efficiency or clarity. With the parquetry system, we offer an outstanding laying system that includes an appropriate primer and floor levelling compound as well as the right parquet adhesive.

Supplementary product proposals and a schematic presentation round off the practical product system, ensuring efficient, economical planning and processing.

PCI parquet adhesives for professional flooring work

Use a high-quality PCI parquet adhesive for laying your parquetry. Your choice of a an adhesive should be based on the product you are processing. For solid wood parquetry or multi-layer parquetry, we recommend PCI PAR 362, an adhesive supplied in powder form. For mosaic parquetry, PCI PAR 360 SMP adhesive is the material of choice while PCI PAR 365 SMP adhesive is also suitable for exotic wood such as bamboo.

Our systems mean that you can always find the right product. If you have any questions or need detailed advice, please contact our competent service team. Using our search function for specialist adviser and PCI dealer, you can find and contact the specialist adviser responsible for your postcode area – for the successful, expert implementation of your construction project.