PCI Ocean® Deck

Polyurethane coating for use on floors
PCI Ocean® Deck
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  • Ready to use after mixing both components (product is already blended with all aggregates).
  • Chemical resistant against acids, alkalis, oil and grease (see table „Chemical Resistance“).
  • Flexible, adjustable at variations in temperature and irregularities in the substrate.
  • Reliable adhesion to impermeable, smooth and vibrating substrates.

colour: beige grey
packaging: 10-kg-combined kit
  • For outdoor use.
  • For producing grindable levelling layers before tiling on metal substrates.
  • For levelling irregular substrates and for producing smooth surfaces.
  • Trowelable coating in shipbuilding on aluminium and/or steel construction (with corrosion protection common in shipbuilding).
PCI Ocean® Deck
Polyurethane coating
for use on floors
Technical Datasheet: 159
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