SMP parquet adhesive
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Very low emissions PLUS, GEV-EMICODE EC 1 PLUS R.
  • Solvent free to German standard TRGS 610; Giscode RS 10.
  • Water free, no swelling effect on the parquet flooring.
  • Ready to use.
  • No evaporation time, long installation time.
  • Very good workability, good trowel-ridge formation.
  • Relatively hard adhesive bed with elastic properties.

colour: beige
packaging: 15-kg-pail
  • For floors in the interior.
  • For gluing
    - on-edge strip parquet to EN 14761
    - solid wood parquet elements to EN 13226
    - solid wood overlay flooring elements to EN 13228
    - mosaic parquet elements to EN 13488
    - multi-layer parquet elements to EN 13 489
    - laminate flooring
    - wood blocks RE (for use e.g. in administrative buildings, hobby rooms and in residential areas)
    - wood blocks WE (for use e.g. in workrooms and rooms with similar wear without extreme climate fluctuation and exposure to vehicles and forklifts except for light loads)
    - exotic wood, e.g. bamboo.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Suitable for gluing PCI DU 903 FH sound reducing underlay.
  • Suitable for gluing PCI Pecilastic W flexible waterproofing membrane, PCI Pecitape 120 special waterproofing tape as well as PCI Pecitape 90° I prefabricated internal corner element and PCI Pecitape 90° A prefabricated external corner element as waterproof layer under parquet flooring in private bathrooms (moisture resistance class A0).
  • Suitable for gluing 2-layer and 3-layer parquet elements with tongue and groove on calcium sulphate flowable screeds from CASEA GmbH and Knauf Gips KG already at a residual moisture level smaller 1.5% (measured with CM meter). Suitable for use within the system with PCI Pecilastic U waterproofing and isolating membrane. The parquet elements must be approved by the parquet manufacturer for full-surface gluing.
name Classification report EN 13501-1 (Bfl-s1) rules and standards EN 13501-1 (Bfl-s1) combined with product PCI PAR 365
name Licensing GEV EMICODE (EC1 PLUS R) rules and standards GEV EMICODE (EC1 PLUS R) combined with product PCI PAR 365