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Cementitious joint grouts for natural stone slabs and ceramic coverings

The routine work of laying tiles and natural stone slabs cleanly and tidily is followed by the final step in creating a perfect tiled covering – grouting for a level and homogeneous surface. PCI Carrafug® is a cementitious joint grout that is predestined for laying natural stone materials such as marble, granite, travertine or Solnhofen stone. Thanks to a service temperature range between -20° and +80° C, the cementitious joint grout can also be used on heated screeds and outdoor surfaces such as balconies and terraces. Another advantage of this product is that it avoids edge staining even of highly sensitive natural stones.

Grouting swimming pools and commercial facilities using cementitious joint grouts from PCI

Drinking water tanks and swimming pools pose special challenges for wall and floor coverings. Apart from suitable tiles, the joint grout also plays a key role in ensuring durable results. PCI Durafug® NT lays the best foundation.

Thanks to the Nanofill technology used, the cementitious joint grout features high resistance to mechanical loading and can withstand high pressure cleaning up to 100 bar. PCI Durafug® NT is just as well-suited for drinking water tanks in swimming pools as for industrial kitchens, laundries, cold storage rooms and showrooms.

For non-vitrified, vitrified and fully vitrified tiling: cementitious joint grouts from professionals

PCI offers four different product series for the perfect grouting of non-vitrified and vitrified tiles. The PCI FT® series is available in various colours and can be applied as soon as the tiling can be walked on. For grouting interior and exterior walls using cementitious joint grout, the best product to use is PCI Fassadenfug.

The polymer-modified deformable product cures without cracking and has a water-repellent surface. If you would like to combine fast setting properties with a smooth consistency and resistance to mould, bacteria and acidic cleaning products, we recommend you to use PCI Nanofug® Premium as the cementitious joint grout.