Primer for tiling for a permanently beautiful tile covering

<p>Tiles are one of the most common floor coverings in German households. If you want to refine a room with the beautiful floor covering the right tools and high-quality materials are essential. This also includes the right primer for tiling. <a href="/en/products/tile-fixing-natural-stone-fixing/tile-adhesives/">Tile adhesive</a> as the sole bonding layer to the substrate is often not enough. To be sure that the right primer has been selected it is important to check the substrate thoroughly.</p>
<p>In our <a href="/en/downloads/brochures/tile-fixing-/-natural-stone-fixing/">brochure on "Tiling and Natural Stone Technology"</a>, our team of experts gives you valuable tips and product recommendations for testing and preparing the substrate. For further advice, please contact our competent customer service who dedicate themselves to every issue with the highest level of expertise.</p>

7 Products

PCI Epoxigrund 390

Special primer on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Epoxigrund Rapid

Special primer on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Gisogrund®

Wash primer / protective primer for walls and floors

PCI Gisogrund® 303

Wash primer for smooth, non-absorbent substrates

PCI Gisogrund® 404

Wash primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Gisogrund® Rapid

Fast-acting primer for cementitious and gypsum-based substrates

PCI Wadian®

Primer for particle boards

Types of primers for tiling and their function

<p>A primer is an important part of laying tiles and natural stone for</p>
<li>the protection of the ground</li>
<li>as a bonding agent</li>
<li>improving the substrate strength and</li>
<li>for shutting off the substrate moisture.</li>
<p>In general, a distinction can be made between dispersion primers and synthetic resin primers. The former, like <a href="/en/products/pci-gisogrund/?cHash=d2146bb0057bb39450fffa9c722952d1">PCI Gisogrund&reg;</a>, are mostly polymers or synthetic resins dissolved in water. To achieve the desired effect, too much dilution or too little amount applied must be avoided. Synthetic resin primers for tiling, on the other hand, are based on epoxy resins or polyurethanes. They effectively stop moisture penetration and are often used as a capillary barrier.</p>
<p>During the priming process, be sure to ensure a homogeneous result. Puddles and differently structured sections prevent homogeneous drying which can result in poor adhesion quality and hollow spaces in the floor covering.</p>

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Primer for tiling in the PCI system "Multi-Use Tiling"

<p>The choice of primer should be tailored to the tile adhesive used. This is the only way that the primer for tiling can work 100% and fulfil its function. Do not take the risk of insufficient material selection and rely on our innovative <a href="/en/products/system-for-multi-use-tiling/?cHash=6c01f0e6bf7eaecf66798c58fb16d825">"Multi-Use Tiling" system</a>. This is perfectly adapted to the needs of tile laying work and immensely facilitates the construction work due to the clarity, the illustrations and simple work steps.</p>
<p>The practical product suggestions are optimally coordinated and offer first-class and professional solutions. The alternative product recommendations also guarantee maximum flexibility with the same quality. For further questions and advice, please contact our reliable technology hotline or use our specialist consultant search to find your personal PCI specialist adviser.</p>

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