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Tile primers for durable, aesthetically pleasing tiled surfaces

Tiles are among the most popular floor coverings for the home. If you want to upgrade a room with a beautiful tiled floor the right tools and high-quality materials are essential. This also includes the right tile primer. Often, tile adhesives alone cannot ensure adequate adhesion to the substrate. In order to make sure that you select the correct primer, it is essential to carry out comprehensive tests on the substrate.

Our brochure “Tiling and natural stone technology” provides useful tips and product recommendations from our expert team concerning substrate testing and preparation. For further advice, please contact our competent customer service, which is dedicated to providing the highest levels of specialist expertise in response to all enquiries.

Tile primer types and functions

A coat of primer is a key element in laying tiles and natural stone coverings. The primer

  • protects the substrate,
  • improves adhesion,
  • strengthens the substrate, and
  • provides insulation against moisture in the substrate.

In general, it is possible to distinguish dispersion-based and synthetic resin primers. Dispersion-based primers such as PCI Gisogrund® mainly consist of polymers or synthetic resins dissolved in water. In order to obtain the required priming effect, it is important to avoid excessive dilution or inadequate application. On the other hand, synthetic resin primers for tiles are based on epoxy resins or polyurethanes. They effectively prevent the passage of moisture and are frequently used as capillary barriers.

During the priming stage, it is essential to ensure homogeneous primer application. Puddles and uneven application prevent the primer from drying out evenly, which may reduce the adhesion of the tiles and create cavities under the floor covering.

Priming in the PCI Universal Tiling System

It is essential to select the appropriate primer for use with a specific tile adhesive. This is the only way to ensure that primers can develop their full effect and perform the function required. If you want to avoid the risks of selecting suitable materials, just choose our innovative Universal Tiling System. This system is ideally tailored to meet the needs of tiling work and makes work considerably easier as a result of the clear illustrations and simple working steps.

Our practical product proposals are ideally harmonized with each other and offer top-class professional solutions. The alternative product recommendations also ensure maximum flexibility with the same high levels of quality. If you have any further questions or need any advice, please contact us or find your personal PCI specialist adviser using our adviser search function.