Fast, tidy working is often a top priority in refurbishment work at industrial and commercial plants. Our reaction resin tile adhesive PCI Collastic® is ideal for laying tiles on critical substrates such as polyester, steel and chipboard. This two-component adhesive is polyurethane-based and solvent-free. Thanks to fast, shrinkage-free hardening, ceramic coverings can already be grouted after three hours and fully loaded after 12 hours. The special formulation ensures reliable adhesion to smooth, impervious and vibrating substrates such as swimming pools. In addition, PCI Collastic® is waterproof and sufficiently impermeable to water vapour to prevent moisture absorption by the wall or floor.

PCI Durapox® - tile adhesive for construction professionals

The PCI Durapox® series is intended for use in areas exposed to chemicals where coverings may be in contact with acids, alkaline solutions, greases or oils every day. These highly wear-resistant reaction resin tile adhesives withstand both rolling and grinding loads and feature low odour levels during processing. All the products in the series feature resistance to frost and weather conditions as well as impermeability to water and water vapour barrier properties. If you want to lay ceramic coverings with high chemical resistance, the products recommended are PCI Durapox® NT and PCI Durapox® NT plus. This binder and special mortar cure without cracks and set without shrinkage. The smooth surface of the joint, with very few pores, makes cleaning easy, which is just as important in food processing plants such as dairies, butchers’ shops or breweries as in hospitals and swimming pools.


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Electrically conductive tile adhesives from PCI

Special projects call for specialized construction materials – such as the reaction resin mortar PCI Durapox® EL. This is the material of choice for electrically conductive tiles and slabs in areas exposed to chemicals. Electrically conductive floors are essential for battery rooms, galvanizing plants, laboratories, operating theatres and computer rooms. This is the only way of reliably avoiding electrostatic charges. In order to ensure continuous conductivity, a copper strip must be incorporated in the floor. The PCI tile adhesive can only be applied and the ceramic covering can only be laid when this strip has been installed. If you have any questions concerning our range, please do not hesitate to contact our PCI experts at your local PCI dealership.