Old bathroom transformed into modern interior to suit all generations

Products used

After 21 years Rolf Wiegner from Moers finally decided to turn his bathroom into a modern, barrier-free interior. For the total refurbishment of the interior, the homeowner opted for the competent advice of contractors Altbausanierung Jansen in Duisburg and construction chemicals manufacturer PCI Augsburg GmbH. The result: Since the end of January 2013 the Moers resident has been the owner of a modern, light bathroom that, given the product quality and service of specialist PCI Augsburg GmbH, does more than merely look safe. Large-format tiles were laid on the walls and floor in order to make the small interior measuring no more than approx. 5 m² look larger. A practical and real time-saving feature of the site was that on some of the walls tiles could be laid on top of the existing tiles. Since the walls were very uneven and there were some quite large holes in them, PCI Nanocret R2 was used to even out the surfaces. Pre-wetting the walls was all that was needed to ensure good adhesion of the repair mortar, and avoid the water dehydrating too quickly. Contractor Andreas Jansen applied PCI primer Gisogrund in the places where PCI Nanocret R2 was used and on the other porous substrates and the special wash primer PCI Gisogrund 303 on any non-porous surfaces in the room. Having primed the different types of substrates, the construction professionals then made certain that the shower area in particular remained waterproof. Thanks to their wide range of applications, flexible waterproofing slurries, such as PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid, are a reliable construction material when it comes to waterproofing immediately underneath tiles. To waterproof the corners and joints between components, the workers laid down the special waterproofing tape, PCI Pecitape 120, in the appropriate places. PCI markets a tried and tested system for large-format ceramic tiles. Hence the flexible tile adhesive PCI FT Flex was used following priming and waterproofing. The final stage involved applying the flexible joint grout PCI Nanofug Premium and sealing the corners and joints between components with silicone joint sealants PCI Silcoferm S, DIN-Polyband and PCI smoothing agents.




Total refurbishment of a small bathroom to design a barrier-free interior





Products used

PCI Silcoferm® S, PCI Pecitape® 120, PCI Gisogrund® 303, PCI Gisogrund®, PCI Glättmittel, PCI FT® Flex, PCI Nanocret® R2, PCI Seccoral® 2K Rapid, PCI Nanofug® Premium

Specialist advice

PCI applications engineer Stefan Marx


Rolf Wiegner, Moers


Altbausanierung Jansen, Duisburg Gilbert Karwatzki, bathroom installations, Essen

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