Wash primer / protective primer

PCI Gisogrund®

for walls and floors

PCI Gisogrund®
features and benefits:
  • Solvent free to TRGS 610; Giscode D 1.
  • Very low emissions, GEV-EMICODE EC 1.
  • EU 2004/42/IIA(g)(50/30): < 15 g/l.
  • Improves the strength and solidity of substrates and helps increase adhesion of tiles, plaster and wallpaper.
  • Reliable adhesion of PCI tile adhesives to surfaces primed with PCI Gisogrund.
  • Protects thin-bed mortars and levelling compounds from rapid drying on absorbent substrates, extends the open time, improves adhesion and prevents formation of cracks caused by shrinkage.
  • Prevents formation of blowholes and rapid drying when levelling floors with e.g. PCI Periplan or PCI Periplan Fein.
  • Blue dye for good coverage control.
  • Protects calcium sulphate screeds / anhydrite screeds from forming ettringite.
  • Enables wallpaper to be easily removed.
  • Complies with the guidelines issued by Bundesverband der Gipsbauplatten- und Gipsindustrie (German gypsum industry association).
fields of application:
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For walls and floors.
  • For priming prior to applying flowable floor levellers (e.g. PCI Periplan or PCI Periplan Fein), non-sag floor levellers and other mortars and anhydrite screeds which set through hydration.
  • For priming walls of aerated concrete and brickwork prior to applying plaster and lime gypsum plaster.
  • For priming absorbent substrates to protect subsequent material from rapid drying.
  • For priming anhydrite screeds and building boards.
  • For priming mastic asphalt screeds prior to the application of PCI tile adhesives.
  • For strengthening mealy, absorbent screed surfaces and plasters indoors before laying tiles and mosaic.
  • Acting as a moisture barrier and primer for plaster, plaster slabs, gypsum fibre boards, plaster boards, aerated concrete, concrete, asphalt, render and brickwork before tiling and wallpapering.
colour: blue
packaging: 200-l-barrel/ 20-l-pail/ 10-l-pail/ 5-l-pail/ 1-l-bag
name Licensing GEV EMICODE (EC 1) rules and standards GEV EMICODE (EC 1) combined with product PCI Gisogrund®
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