Acoustically insulating bathtub sealing tape

PCI Pecitape® WDB

for bathtubs and showers

PCI Pecitape® WDB
features and benefits:
  • Very flexible, therefore very easy to install and safe to use.
  • Effective acoustic insulation, the acoustic insulation strip (5 mm thick) effectively protects adjacent rooms against noise from the shower.
  • Easy-to-install spacer tape, ensures a straight and professional silicone joint without sound bridges.
  • Perfect corner solution, the butyl strips enable a perfect solution in the corner.
  • Cut-proof safety area, the cut protection tape PCI Pecitape Protect can be optionally inserted providing a durable protection when cutting out the silicone joint.
fields of application:
  • For sealing the edge of bathtubs and showers against the wall.
  • Durable, reliable water barrier behind flexible joint sealants, e.g. silicone joints.
  • With acoustic insulation strip for effective acoustic insulation.
packaging: 2-m-roll/ 2,60-m-roll/ 3,60-m-roll/ 10-m-roll
PCI Pecitape WDB
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