When laying tiles, there are a large number of points to be considered for the protection of the building fabric and the creation of a high-quality interior climate. Not only the selection of the tile adhesive and the waterproofing compound but also the joint material may have a considerable impact on the final result.

Professional builders know that not every joint can simply be filled with grout. Expansion, edge and connecting joints need to be sealed with silicone in order to allow material expansion and contraction. It is mainly the durably elastic properties of silicone that make it an ideal sealant for joints of this type. PCI recommends the use of low-emission silicone which is elastic and environmentally compatible and ensures ideal safety and hygiene properties.

The Multi-Use Tiling System includes silicone with low-emission properties

At PCI, we take our responsibility for the environment and for our customers very seriously. Our low-emission sealants and systems feature innovative formulations and concepts which allow you to protect both the environment and your employees. In addition, you can offer your customers genuine added value as the release of harmful vapours is also avoided after processing.

For tile laying, we recommend our extraordinary Multi-Use Tiling System, which consists solely of low emission products such as the tile adhesive PCI Nanolight, the joint grout PCI Nanofug Premium and the silicone sealant PCI Silcofug E. The silicone sealant is a flexible, durable product that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and forms part of a practical solution concept featuring harmonized products.


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Find out more about our low-emission silicone sealants

Are you interested in low-emission sealants? If so, you can download our informative brochures, which provide full information on our innovations and solutions.

For detailed advice on our low-emission products, you can also contact your local PCI specialist adviser. In addition, you will find detailed information on the product properties, applications and test certificate of each individual product. Our product data sheets and descriptions also show whether a product has a low-emission formulation as they indicate the “low emission” icon and the EMICODE EC1 classification.