PCI Silcofug® E

Elastic joint sealant for indoor and outdoor use
PCI Silcofug® E
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  • Elastic, capable of absorbing joint movement up to 20% (cf. IVD leaflet no. 2 - Classification of joint sealants).
  • Resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation, ideal for outdoor application, temperature resistant up to +165°C.
  • Contains fungicides, prevents fungal decay and mildew growth on the joint sealant.
  • Resistant to commercial household cleaners and disinfectants, the joint can be easily cleaned.
  • Very low emissions PLUS, GEV-EMICODE EC 1 PLUS.

colour: transparent, 01 brilliant white, 02 bahama beige, 03 caramel, 05 mid brown, 11 jasmine, 12 anemone, 16 silver grey, 18 manhattan, 19 basalt, 21 grey, 22 sand grey, 23 light grey, 31 cement grey, 40 black, 41 dark brown, 43 pergamon, 44 topas, 47 anthracite, 53 ochre, 54 maple, 55 nut brown, 56 terra brown, 57 fawn brown, 58 mahagony, 59 mocha, 60 black brown, 61 slate grey
packaging: 310-ml-cartridge/ 400-ml-hose
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For walls and floors.
  • For sealing corner joints, movement joints and connection joints in sanitary areas, public swimming pools including pool and pool surrounds, on balconies and terraces.
  • For sealing joints between glass, aluminium, wood, enamel, ceramic, rigid PVC and sanitary acrylic.
  • For sealing glazing rebates at window frames made of wood, anodized and non-anodized aluminium (cf. DIN 18545 part 1-3 and IVD leaflet no. 10 – Glass sealing of wooden windows with joint sealants).
  • For sealing butt joints at figured glass, corrugated glass, glass blocks and elements.
PCI Silcofug® E
Elastic joint sealant
for indoor and outdoor use
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PCI Silcofug E
name Classification report EN 13501-1 (E) rules and standards EN 13501-1 (E) combined with product PCI Silcofug® E
name Licensing GEV EMICODE (EC1 PLUS) rules and standards GEV EMICODE (EC1 PLUS) combined with product PCI Silcofug® E