PCI Lastogum®-Dichtset

Waterproofing system for the interior under ceramic coverings in showers and bathrooms
PCI Lastogum®-Dichtset
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Liquid waterproofing membrane to be applied by roller, brush or trowel incl. primer and waterproofing collars / waterproofing tapes for moist and wet rooms.

  • For wet areas with non-pressing water in residential buildings, e.g. bathroom, shower, kitchen etc.

  • On moisture-sensitive substrates, on mineral absorbent substrates.

  • Impermeable to water, flexible, crack bridging.
  • Ready to use, all relevant single components are included.

Note: Easy to apply - best results

colour: red and/or grey
packaging: 1-piece-pail
  • For indoor use, floors, walls.