BAU 2013: Universally applicable: PCI Nanolight tile adhesive is suitable for almost any substrate

The indispensable generalist on construction sites for a decade Untergrund

From screed to mastic asphalt, gypsum fibre or PVC to old ceramic coverings – the product line of tile adhesives is as diverse as the substrates on which they are used. Professionals are well advised here regarding the reduction of stocks, residual quantities and logistic efforts with an universally applicable material that can be used for a variety of applications This was recognised about 10 years ago by construction chemicals specialist PCI Augsburg GmbH, who introduced a new product for all applications with the lightweight, multi-use flexible tile adhesive PCI Nanolight, which set a new standard. The proven generalist has lost none of its popularity with professionals: within the last decade a total surface area of 55 km2 has been reliably and safely laid with PCI Nanolight – the equivalent of about 7,700 football fields.

The range of tile adhesives is as extensive as construction substrates are diverse. Professionals are well advised with this universally usable material. With PCI Nanolight, PCI Augsburg GmbH introduced a light multi-use flexible tile adhesive ten years ago that is suitable for laying ceramic coverings on almost all substrates. PCI Nanolight works regardless of the type of tiles used. It is suitable for the laying of all ceramic coverings using the thin-bed or medium-bed method.

Universally applicable: The multi-use flexible tile adhesive PCI Nanolight has offered a simple solution for all application areas for a decade. It is suitable for all ceramic coverings on walls and floors, no matter what substrate, whether indoors or outdoors. The mortar is a clear winner with a long open time while at the same time being very stable. The tile adhesive also scores high with its smooth consistency: it can be easily applied with spatula or trowel and enables quick and effortless work.

PCI Nanolight is not only easy to transport in the 15 kg bag with a practical handle, but also creates far less dust when opening, pouring and mixing thanks to innovative technology and a low-dust formulation. The cleaning effort on the construction site is therefore significantly reduced.