Reliable system setup for waterproofing bathrooms

Systematic reliable waterproofing - this now also applies in the domestic bathroom. PCI Augsburg GmbH explains what to watch out for with ceramic coverings in the bathroom and which product system is suitable for this application in the revised brochure "PCI Lastogum – The all-round waterproofing in the bathroom".

A waterproof substrate is the be all and end all in a domestic bathroom. But the bathroom has long left behind its basic sanitation character, developing into a domestic wellness oasis. This not only increases the demands on the bonded waterproofing, but also on all components of the ceramic surface.

The newly revised brochure "PCI Lastogum – The all-round waterproofing in the bathroom" explains what needs to be considered when walls and flooring need to be waterproofed and covered with tiles in the domestic bathroom. The brochure shows the working procedures step by step from priming to grouting. The system "11111 Universal Tiling" is ideal for tile laying in the domestic bathroom - the universal, very low emission laying system for all tile coverings indoors. The optimally matched products ensure convenient and reliable processing, particularly for large-format tiles and fine porcelain stoneware. A plus for building owners: the universal flexible joint grout PCI Nanofug Premium. This product impresses not only with a fine joint surface, but above all with its hygienic properties.

The brochure in German is available to download at


Newly revised: the brochure "PCI Lastogum – The all-round waterproofing in the bathroom".

The "Universal Tiling" system is ideal for laying all ceramic tiles, irrespective of weight and format. Main application area: housing, in particular domestic bathrooms.

From a bathroom to a wellness oasis: modern bathrooms place high demands on appearance, reliability and convenience.