System for Floor Coating

System for the refurbishment and coating of floor surfaces exposed to mechanical loads and chemicals
System for Floor Coating
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system advantages
  • Selection of surface in line with specific application

  • Coloured surfaces possible

brief description: The floor coating system is used for sealing and coating floor surfaces exposed to mechanical loads and chemicals. Depending on the materials selected, the products in the system, based on reaction resins, allow the production of surfaces with various colours which are protected against chemical attack and moisture. The surface of the coating is in line with anti-slip requirements. Areas of application: warehouses with chemical exposure, production plants, garages, etc.

you need:
PCI Epoxigrund 390
Surface protection system
Sealing/coating of floor surface
PCI Apokor® W
PCI Supracolor
PCI Apoten®
Top sealing
PCI Finopur®