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Liquid-applied waterproofing from PCI – active protection against mould etc.

Professional builders and building owners know just how important it is to provide effective protection for the fabric of buildings. Undamaged foundations and impeccable walls and ceilings are essential for an ideal, healthy living environment. At PCI, we have developed top-grade waterproofing products such as waterproofing membranes and liquid applied waterproofing agents to lay the best possible foundations for your next construction project. After all, you do not want your valuable work to be damaged or destroyed in a short space of time by groundwater, standing water or flooding. In such cases, the risks include:

  • mould,
  • building damage and
  • an unhealthy living environment.

You can avoid these problems by opting for the innovative, unique products offered by PCI Augsburg GmbH. We have been active in the international construction sector for more than 60 years and are well aware of the challenges faced by professional builders, an awareness that is reflected in our convenient, reliable products.

Successful protection of building fabric with liquid-applied waterproofing

To improve the durability of your property and to increase its value, you should make sure that extreme care is taken over waterproofing of buildings. Especially damage caused by percolating or ground moisture can severely impair the fabric of the building. With our liquid-applied waterproofing products, buildings are effectively protected against damage of this type and many other problems such as cracking or ageing. In addition to other benefits, our liquid-applied waterproofing agents such as the waterproofing slurries PCI Barraseal® and PCI Barrasea®l Turbo are

  • waterproof,
  • crack-bridging,
  • easy to apply,
  • virtually odourless,
  • ready for use, and
  • free from solvents, as well as
  • resisting hard water and
  • ensuring firm adhesion.

For waterproofing under ceramic coverings in privately used bathrooms and showers, our smart waterproofing kit PCI Lastogum®-Dichtset, which provides perfect protection against water and moisture for walls and floors, with primer, liquid-applied waterproofing agent and waterproofing tape, is especially convenient.

Benefit from PCI services

At PCI, we are building professionals and we are well aware of the requirements of builders and building owners. In addition to our high-quality range of convenient products, we also offer a wide variety of services which will optimize your construction work.

For example, you can use our convenient consumption calculator for a precise calculation of the material you require on the basis of the area to be covered. Equally helpful for construction projects are your local technical advisers. Together with our specialist brochures and our convenient adviser search function, these services help you obtain the best possible advice as quickly as possible if you have any problems or queries.