Work on screeds ranges from crack injection and leveling to priming for subsequent flooring work. With PCI, you have a competent partner who can provide support for the selection of tools and materials. To seal cracks in screeds, use injection resins such as the low emission silicate cast resin PCI Apogel® SH and protect both personnel and the environment.

If you need to even out irregularities in walls and floors, we recommend environmentally compatible floor and wall leveling compounds such as PCI Pericret® and PCI Periplan. For priming, our range includes a variety of low-emission materials. While PCI Epoxigrund seals pores, providing a watertight moisture barrier, PCI Gisogrund is used as an adhesion-enhancing protective primer.

Tiling and flooring work with environmentally compatible construction materials from PCI

Before tiles or other flooring materials are installed on screed, isolating products should first be laid. For this purpose, the PCI range features various isolating products. These include the low-emission construction materials PCI Pecilastic for laying ceramic and natural stone coverings, the insulation tape PCI Pecitape Silent and PCI Polysilent 4 isolation boards.

For flooring insulation, eco-friendly floor laying products such as leveling compounds and adhesives for rubber, wood, linoleum and parquetry are available from PCI. Environmentally sound construction materials also include selected tile adhesives from our range. You can choose flexible materials such as PCI Carraflex and PCI Flexmörtel or special adhesives such as PCI Carrament grey for the installation of critical natural stones, depending on the individual requirements of your project.


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PCI: low-pollutant construction materials for grouting and waterproofing

Substrates in bathrooms and other wet rooms pose special requirements for bonded waterproofing under tiles. To meet these requirements, PCI has developed environmentally sound construction materials with waterproofing and isolating functions. PCI Lastogum liquid applied waterproofing agent provides a solvent-free, waterproof protective layer for substrates in showers and bathrooms which has no detrimental impact on the environment or on installation personnel.

For the subsequent grouting of swimming pools or drinking water tanks, PCI Durafug provides a low-pollutant solution. The appropriate silicone sealants PCI Silcoferm S and PCI Silcofug E can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to their elastic properties, they accommodate both expansion and contraction.