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With its hotel “Die Wälderin”, the Frick family has ushered in a new era of accommodation in Mellau. The building is the largest newly constructed hotel facility in the Bregenzerwald district of Austria. In the 114 guest rooms and the 2,500 square metre wellness area with swimming pools and saunas, guests can expect authentic hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere with a modern design. The optical highlights are three swimming pools tiled with glass mosaics. Apart from an attractive appearance, the owner placed considerable value on functionality and insisted on an absolutely waterproof pool design.

9,000 square metres of tiles

The area to be covered with tiles and glass mosaics was certainly impressive: fully vitrified tiles were to be laid in the hotel bathrooms, with an area of 4,000 square metres, while glazed vitrified tiles and fully vitrified tiles were to be laid in kitchens, ancillary and common rooms, with an area of about 2,000 square metres, as well as more than 3,000 square metres of tiling in the pool and wellness area.

For the three swimming pools, the owner selected glass mosaics in various shades of blue. The pools were to be waterproofed using waterproof concrete with appropriate additives. For additional safety, a second waterproofing layer of flexible waterproofing slurry was to be installed. This compensates for the shrinkage of the concrete and avoids possible calcium carbonate efflorescence on the concrete surface right from the start.

Reliable waterproofing with PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid

In line with the waterproofing recommendations given by PCI, the contractor first prepared the substrate and then applied PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid as the second waterproofing layer. This fast-setting slurry is water-tight and crack-bridging, even in the case of later cracks in the substrate. The isolating and stress-reducing properties as well as the crack-free hardening of the slurry provide additional security. The creamy consistency of the product makes for fast and easy working. PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid – with very low odour and very low emissions in accordance with GEV-EMICODE EC1 PLUS R – is easy to apply using brushes or trowels and offers a relatively long skin formation time despite its short setting time. The tilers used PCI Pecitape collars as well as inside and outside corners at critical points such as outlets and transitions. To provide additional protection for the waterproofing layer, PCI Pecitape Protect cut protection tape was also applied.

One of the more difficult tasks was to provide the many inserted components with flanges made from PCI Durapox NT plus reaction resin mortar and then to integrate the components into the waterproofing layer. The whirlpool proved to be especially difficult and involved a considerable amount of work as a result of the 30 components to be integrated. Finally, a tightness test was carried out and completed successfully. The glass mosaic tiles could be laid in the three pools with a total area of 800 square metres.

Premium joint grout for glass mosaics

In view of the severe exposure to moisture on the underwater section, absolutely safe tiling calls for the use of a reaction resin adhesive. The contractors used PCI Durapox NT for laying and PCI Durapox Premium for grouting. The extremely intensive colours and homogeneous surface of the innovative epoxy resin joint grout convinced the owner. The joint is extremely strong and is not affected by chemical additives in the pool water. The tilers were also convinced by the convenient application of the product. Thanks to its creamy consistency, PCI Durapox Premium is as easy to apply as a cementitious grout. Contractors only need the usual tools which they would use for cementitious joints, such as a rubber grouting float and a standard sponge float.

All the work was completed to schedule. As planned, hotelier Herbert Frick opened “Die Wälderin” in September 2018 following 18 months of construction, with an investment of about €28 million.




Substrate preparation, waterproofing, laying and grouting of tiles and glass mosaics in the pool and wellness area, the kitchen and the bathrooms of the hotel






approx. 9,000 m²

Products used

PCI Novoment® M1 plus, PCI Seccoral® 1K, PCI Pecitape® 10 x 10, PCI Epoxigrund 390, PCI Gisogrund® 303, PCI Gisogrund®, PCI Repahaft®, PCI Apoten®, PCI Pericret®, PCI Durapox® NT plus, Quarzsand BCS 412 (0,06 - 0,2), PCI Epoxigrund Rapid, PCI FT® Megafug, PCI Apogel® Dübel, PCI Apogel® SH, PCI Seccoral® 2K Rapid, PCI Flexmörtel® S2, PCI Durapox® Premium, PCI Pecitape® Protect, PCI Carrament® grey


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