Reesepark I in Augsburg

Waterproofing of underground parking garage with PCI products

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Use of products

PCI Pecimor®-Betongrund

Special primer for external concrete basement walls

PCI Pecimor® 2K

Bitumen thick coating for external basement walls and foundations

PCI Gewebebahn

Glass fabric sheeting for all types of surface and perimeter sealing applications

PCI Polyfix® plus L

Quick setting cement mortar for the quick repair in above and below ground situations

Reesepark I in Augsburg

Waterproofing of underground parking garage with PCI products

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Surface preparation and waterproofing work for underground parking garage of  Reesepark I housing complex

Products used

PCI Pecimor Betongrund, PCI Pecimor 2K, PCI Gewebebahn, PCI Polyfix plus L, PCI Barraseal Turbo


Wohnbaugruppe Augsburg Leben GmbH


Lindermayr GmbH & Co.KG, Friedberg-Derching

Specialist advice

Raphael Schober, Andreas Treffler, Günther Haas

Your contact for enquiries

PCI Augsburg GmbH
Piccardstraße 11, 86159 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 5901-0,
Telefax: +49 821 5901-416


A housing complex with 141 publicly subsidized apartments and integrated local facilities is currently being built on a site formerly used for military purposes in the north-west of Augsburg, "Reese Barracks". The local supplier of construction chemical products, PCI Augsburg GmbH, is also involved in what is currently the largest new-build product of Augsburg Leben GmbH, the housing company of the City of Augsburg. The underground parking garage of the complex was waterproofed, both internally and externally, in accordance with DIN 18533 using PCI products tested as a system. PCI advisers provided full support to the contractor working on the project.

The former Reese Barracks site takes up an area of about 45 hectares between the Augsburg districts of Pfersee and Kriegshaber. Three barracks of the German army were constructed here before World War II. After the war, these barracks were taken over by the U.S. Army and converted into "Reese Barracks". U.S. troops used the facility for about 50 years, after which it was gradually returned to the German government and then sold to the present housing development group Augsburg Entwickeln GmbH in 2006.

The new-build project Reesepark I, with 141 publicly subsidized apartments as well as a supermarket, cafe and drugstore in two buildings, is being constructed on the northern section of the area. Tenants here will receive a monthly rent subsidy depending on their income. The ground-breaking ceremony was celebrated in March 2019, followed by topping-out a year later.

First-class result thanks to teamwork

The underground parking garage of the housing complex has 220 parking spaces for passenger cars. As a structure in contact with the soil, the garage requires absolutely reliable waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18533. To meet these requirements, the building contractor working on the project, Lindermayr GmbH & Co.KG, called in PCI. The two companies have worked together closely and constructively for more than 20 years. The use of PCI products for the private homes of the proprietor family and company employees bears witness to the trust placed in these products. "We are convinced of the quality of PCI products. These are high-grade products that are harmonized with each other within a system. This approach ensures that we can perform all the work required without any problems and with results that are durable. With its comprehensive advice service, PCI makes a considerable contribution to these efforts," says Johann Schneider, construction supervisor with Lindermayr.

Advice for all phases of the project

Three PCI advisers, Raphael Schober, Andreas Treffler and Günther Haas, provided support for the Reesepark I project: they advised the construction contractor during the planning phase, made product recommendations, contacted construction material dealers and also provided support during the performance of the work. This included assessment and substrate testing, the production of sample areas for primers, the determination of adhesive tensile strength values and the instruction of subcontractors in the use of the PCI products.

Exterior waterproofing using thick bituminous coating

The PCI Pecimor system was used for the exterior waterproofing of the underground parking garage walls. This polymer-modified thick bituminous coating (PMBC) needs the waterproofing requirements of DIN 18533, Part 3, and offers security as a result of the individual products which have been tested as a system and are harmonized with each other. The substrate was prepared using PCI Pecimor Betongrund primer. The exterior waterproofing itself consists of two coats of PCI Pecimor 2K with a fabric layer inserted between the coats. The thick bituminous coating is fit for service in water exposure classes W1-E to W4-E. For exposure classes W1-E and W4-E, the system also includes PCI Pecimor 1K as an alternative product. The benefits of the two thick bituminous coating products include high yield and extremely convenient use. Thanks to the homogeneous polystyrene filler which is used, they can be applied easily and almost effortlessly. Good anti-sag properties ensure homogeneous application. This way, the coating thickness required by the standard is reached reliably. After the application of the first coat, PCI Gewebebahn fabric is inserted, followed by the second coat. The two bituminous products have been tested by external institutes and are not dissolved by soft rainwater.

Mineral waterproofing slurry for interior waterproofing

The interior walls of the underground parking garage at Reesepark I were waterproofed using PCI Barraseal Turbo. This flexible mineral waterproofing slurry has been used for many years for protection against pressing and non-pressing water and is now covered by the new waterproofing standard DIN 18533-3. PCI Barraseal Turbo is easy to apply, demonstrates good adhesion to concrete and old bituminous coatings, is fast-setting and is also radon-tight. The reactive waterproofing slurry is fit for service in a wide variety of applications for waterproofing surfaces and plinths as well as providing horizontal damp courses. It can also be used for chloride and concrete protection in accordance with DIN EN 1504 (OS 5b).

Lindermayr carried out the waterproofing work in the summer of 2019. "Everything went smoothly and according to plan – thanks to good support and excellent teamwork with PCI and its reliable waterproofing products," Johann Schneider reports. The Reesepark I housing complex is to be completed in by the summer of 2021, at a total cost of about €64.5 million. Work on the next major project on the Reese Barracks site is due to start this year. Reesepark II is to have 135 publicly subsidized apartments, making a further key contribution to the provision of affordable housing.

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