Object: Sparkasse Lüdinghausen Markt
Date: 08.11.10
City: Lüdinghausen, Germany 
Completion: 2010

Renovating the floor surface in the Lüdinghausen Market savings bank branch under tremendous deadline pressure

Size: 56 sqm
Products used:

PCI Novoment plus, PCI Gisogrund Rapid, PCI Periplan, PCI Pecilastic, PCI Nanoflott light, PCI Rapidfug, PCI Silcoferm S

Owner: Sparkasse Westmünsterland, Ahaus
Architect: Mr. Klaus Schnieder
Company: Fliesen Fasselt, Borken
Specialist advice: Technician: Mr. Stefan Marx

The floor surface of the widely used customer foyer of the Lüdinghausen Market savings bank branch is exposed to aggressive dirt and road salt brought in on customers' shoes. The existing natural stone floor had extensive damage on the surface and – in order to cause as little interruption as possible – was to be replaced on a weekend with fine stone floor tiles. The decisive factors determining the materials to be used was having to execute multiple sequences of steps under intense deadline pressure, the area had to be quickly accessible for customers again and making the floor surface highly durable. The work was carried out by the Fliesen Fasselt tiling company of Borken (a town near Lüdinghausen) which - with their many years of experience with the PCI tiling products - selected the PCI products due to their extremely fast drying times.

In order to be able to carry out the work without damaging any of the savings bank equipment, these had to be covered up and protected. After removing and disposing of the damaged Dietfurt limestone slabs, the smaller chipped screed spots were filled in or smoothed out with PCI Novoment M1 Plus. Then the exposed surface was ground, suction cleaned and primed using PCI Gisogrund Rapid. Smoothin work was carried out using PCI Periplan. After gluing the PCI Pecilastic isolating fabric underlay, the Fliesen Fasselt tiling company laid the fully vitrified flooring tiles made of Alfalux Gallura Gold (60*30*1 cm) in a capricious and varied pattern together with PCI Nanoflott light. The tile laying process was concluded or rather a new framework was created - using Schlüter stainless steel tile trims - for the existing entrance wiping mat to be reinstalled. The flexible joint grout PCI Rapidfug Basalt which hardens quickly was used for the floor surface seams. Then the elastic joints were made and sealed using PCI Silcoferm S.

The work was completed within 2 days by a master tradesman and 2 apprentices to the complete satisfaction of the customer. The customer foyer of the savings bank branch was fully open for customer business after the work was completed. It was the high quality PCI products with their fast-drying properties which made it possible!