Object: Refurbishment of indoor swimming pool at the sports park of the “Freiburger Turnerschaft von 1844 e.V.” sports club
Date: 22.08.11
City: Freiburg, Germany 
Completion: 2011

- Refurbishment of the edges and walls of the pool down to approx. one metre below the water surface; insertion of a stainless steel groove with grouting.

- Bonding of tiles on prepared Styrodur thermal insulation panels at the walls of the hall measuring about three to five metres in height.

- Refurbishment and waterproofing of shower and changing areas including surge tanks.

Size: Wall and floor areas including pool edges approx. 2,200 sq. m, surge tanks 247 sq. m
Products used:

PCI Dichtschlämme

PCI Repahaft

PCI Elastoprimer 220

PCI Legaran RP

PCI Lastogum

PCI Seccoral 2K

PCI Vergussmörtel

PCI Nanocret 70

PCI FT-Extra

PCI FT-Rapid

PCI FT-Klebemörtel

PCI Lastoflex

PCI Durafug NT

PCI Pecitape

PCI Dichtmanschetten (sealing collars)

PCI Gisogrund

PCI Apoten

PCI Epoxigrund 390

Owner: <span lang="EN-GB">Freiburger Turnerschaft 1844 e.V., Head Walter Hasper, Freiburg i. Br./Germany</span>
Architect: <span lang="EN-GB">Richard Kramer, architect, Freiburg i. Br./Germany</span>
Company: Fliesenbau Franz Band, Freiburg
Specialist advice: PCI, Thomas Schweizer
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In August 2010, Freiburger Turnerschaft 1844 e.V. started the all-embracing refurbishment of their ageing sports bath. The costs were put at approx. four million euros. In a first step the bath was cleared of stored equipment, the whole installation and the changing area were dismounted and the tiles removed. About three months later, the tiling company Fliesenbau Franz Brand started the tiling work and completed it by the end of Mai 2011. With the kind and competent support of PCI specialist Thomas Schweizer, Fliesenbau Franz Brand won the tender initiated by architect Richard Kramer. Professionally guided and monitored on a continuous basis by our PCI employee, the accredited tiling company laid the ABK tiles of the following sizes: 11.5 x 24 cm, 12 x 12 cm and 24 x 24 cm. Especially when grouting the stainless steel groove and refurbishing the concrete at the pool edges with PCI Nanocret 70, company Fliesenbau Franz Brand could prove their skills.

In the course of the building measures, surge tanks, shower and changing areas, walls of the bath hall, as well as edges and walls of the pool had to be refurbished.

At first, the skilled workers steam-cleaned the bottom of the surge tanks before they extracted the dirt and equipped the reinforcement with PCI Legaran RP, a mineral-based protection against corrosion. In the next step, the concrete was refurbished by applying the light repair mortar PCI Nanocret 70 and PCI Repahaft, the bonding slurry for mortars. PCI Dichtschlämme waterproofing slurry was used for waterproofing.

The plaster and screed surfaces in the shower and changing areas as well as in all other rooms were waterproofed with the waterproofing slurry PCI Seccoral 2K, the waterproof, flexible protective coating PCI Lastogum, the special waterproofing tape PCI Pecitape, and with waterproofing collars. Afterwards, the wall tiles were adhered with the tile adhesive PCI FT-Extra and the floor tiles with the flexible rapid tile adhesive PCI FT-Rapid. Finally, the cementitious special grout PCI Durafug NT was applied for the grouting operation.

The tiling experts used the PCI FT-Klebemörtel with its flexibilizing additive PCI Lastoflex to bond the tiles to the walls of the hall that were fitted with Styrodur thermal insulation panels. PCI Durafug NT was also used for the grouting.

Finally, the pool edges of the three pools as well as the pool walls had to be refurbished - down to approx. one metre under the water level. In a next step, the company Franz Band used the special bonding primer PCI Epoxigrund 390 and the epoxy resin coating PCI Apoten for the capillary barrier and the alignment of the joints at the transition point between the old and the new pool wall respectively. After sandblasting the pool body, the stainless steel groove was bed in grout, the walls were straightened and the pool edges were moulded with PCI Nanocret 70. For waterproofing the pool and the pool bordering once more PCI Seccoral 2K was applied, for the tiling of the pool area PCI FT -Klebemörtel plus PCI Lastoflex were employed, for the bordering PCI FT-Extra was used and the grouting was made with PCI Durafug NT.


When the building measures that took from January to May 2011 were completed, the client was very satisfied with the eight tiling experts who achieved a more than impressive result. And also company Franz Band could reach a positive result. They were especially taken with the smooth working procedure which, if nothing else, can be attributed to the good cooperation with PCI specialist Thomas Schweizer and application engineer Reinhard Hübner as well as to the reliable special PCI products.