Object: Laying of tiles in the REWE supermarket of Bergisch Gladbach
Date: 29.03.11
City: Bergisch Gladbach, Germany 
Completion: 2011

Tiling of 1.800 sq. m floor area and bonded waterproofing of a 65 sq. m meat preparation room

Size: 1800 sq. m
Products used:

PCI Gisogrund, PCI Periplan, PCI Rapidflott, PCI Rapidfug, PCI Apoflex F, PCI Durapox NT

Owner: REWE supermarket of Bergisch Gladbach
Company: Fliesen Müller GmbH, Köln
Specialist advice: Mr Thomas Ast PCI specialist

Early in the year 2011, the REWE supermarket at the Odenthaler Strasse of Bergisch Gladbach was refurbished. The first construction section comprised the pre-treatment and tile laying on 800 sq. m of floor space in the basement. The sub-floor was a concrete flooring. After completion of those works in January 2011 followed the remodelling of the sales floor. During the months of February and March, the upper floor was laid with altogether 1,000 sq. m of ceramic tiling. Here, a newly laid bonded cement screed was already in place. The principle of bonded water proofing was employed in a small meat preparation room (approx. 65 sq. m). The works were carried out by Fliesen Müller GmbH of Cologne and the laying products of PCI-Augsburg GmbH were used. PCI specialist Mr Thomas Ast was on site to provide expert advice.

The concrete flooring of the basement was very old stuck with strongly sticking adhesives residues. After the sanding and vacuum cleaning operations, the sub-floor was treated with PCI-Gisogrund primer diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1. For the floor levelling the laying specialists used the self levelling and pumpable levelling compound PCI Periplan. Due to the serious time pressure, the following operations were carried out with rapid laying products: PCI Rapidflott and PCI Rapidfug. The fast-acting flowable mortar PCI Rapidflott is a plastic pourable bedding mortar with rapid-curing properties which is walkable and groutable after approx. 3 hours. The grouting operation was done with the sand-coloured fast-acting flexible joint grout PCI Rapidfug. 

For the tile laying on the upper floor, the specialists followed the same procedure and used the same products as in the basement. The sub-floor in the meat preparation room was waterproofed with PCI Apoflex. The 2-component, solvent-free polyurethane waterproofing for areas exposed to water or chemical attacks is available for commercial use only, such as in canteen kitchens, laboratories and industrial firms. For laying and grouting the firm Fliesen Müller used the reaction resin binder PCI Durapox NT mixed with quartz sand. It is chemical-resistant, waterproof and very hard-wearing for joints from 2 to 20 mm. 

In spite of tight deadlines, the floor laying at the REWE supermarket could be completed to the utmost satisfaction of the principal - not least due to the premium quality of PCI products with their ease of processability. The extremely reduced drying times enabled a handover on schedule!