Object: Hilton Mainz Hotel
Date: 31.05.11
City: Mainz, Germany 
Completion: 2011

Tile laying in the Rhine wing (restaurant), the dome wing (in front of the elevators) and in the sanitary and kitchen areas of the hotel complex.

Size: Total floorings approx. 700 sq. m
Products used:

PCI Gisogrund 303 and 404 (primer)

PCI Periplan Extra

PCI Armiermatten (glass fibre reinforcement)

PCI FT Extra

PCI Nanofug

PCI Nanoflott light

PCI Carrafug

PCI Carrament

PCI Pecilatic W

PCI Silcofug E

Owner: <span lang="DE">Mainzer Aufbaugesellschaft MBH, Mainz</span>
Architect: <span lang="EN-GB">Architect Kirstein + Rischmann, Mainz, Germany</span> <span lang="EN-GB">Supervision of works:</span><span lang="EN-GB"> </span><span lang="EN-GB">Architects ABPK Kern Karlsruhe, Germany</span>
Company: <span lang="DE"><span lang="EN-GB">Consortium:</span><span lang="EN-GB"> </span><span lang="EN-GB">Fliesen-Busse, Mainz-Marienborn, Germany and MTC Main-Taunus-Ceramikbau, Bad Soden, Germany</span></span>
Specialist advice: <span lang="DE"><span lang="EN-GB">PCI specialist Mr Hans-Werner Goeckel</span></span>
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Built in 1968, expanded in 1984 and completely renovated in 2011, the Hilton Mainz hotel shines in a new splendour now. The hotel is centrally situated on the edge of the picturesque Old Town and directly on the banks of the river Rhine. With its 431 guest rooms and suites, two restaurants and ten meeting rooms, the Hilton Mainz is the ideal location for private and business trips. The consortium Fliesen-Busse and MTC Main-Taunus-Ceramik carried out the renovation work in restaurant and kitchen, the staff WC facilities and in the dome wing elevators’ area. For priming sub-floors as well as for the laying and grouting of the tiles, the experts used the special products of PCI Augsburg GmbH. And PCI specialist Mr Hans-Werner Goeckel offered professional advice on the spot.

First of all, the precise levelling of the old sub-floors was crucially important for the floor laying work. After applying the special bonding primer PCI Gisogrund 404, the self-levelling compound PCI Periplan Extra was used in conjunction with PCI Armiermatten (glass-fibre reinforcement). The large size floor tiles were laid with the polymer-modified tile adhesive PCI FT Extra in the buttering floating method and grouted with PCI Nanofug. Sanitary facilities and kitchen were waterproofed by applying the flexible waterproofing membranes PCI Pecilastic W. Thanks to these membranes the work can proceed quickly as the tiles can be immediately laid on to the waterproofed area. For sealing corner joints, connection joints and movement joints, the experts of the companies Busse and Main-Taunus-Ceramic used the elastic sealant PCI Silcofug E.


Then PCI Gisogrund 303 was applied to prepare the wall surfaces. This special wash primer is optimized for quick application by roller and brush as it is already tack-free after approx. 30 - 45 minutes. The Villeroy & Boch wall tiles were also laid with the polymer-modified tile adhesive PCI FT Extra and grouted with PCI Nanofug. The experts used the light, non-sag flowable adhesive PCI Nanoflott light for laying the Bisazza glass mosaic (2/2 Antwork Flonal). The joints of the mosaic were grouted with PCI Carrafug.


In the dome wing of the hotel, the floor renovation in the elevator area was carried out as follows: Priming and floor levelling with PCI Gisogrund 404 and PCI Periplan Extra. The natural stone coverings were laid with the medium-bed mortar PCI Carrament and grouted with PCI Carrafug.


Over a period of more than 25 months, at times up to eight employees of the consortium were engaged in renovating the Hilton Mainz hotel. The tiling specialists already had good experience with PCI products, and that is why they proposed to use them. Again, the experts were able to gain confidence in the special PCI products and their ease of processability. Moreover, they could benefit from the good cooperation with PCI specialist Mr Goeckel. The project was finally completed in due time and to the utmost satisfaction of all parties involved.