Object: Aquapark Wroclaw
Date: 19.02.08
City: Wroclaw, Poland 
Completion: 2008

The Aquapark comprises 14 single pools with a total water area of 2332 m². The task was to lay 12,000 m² of grey wall and floor surfaces with nice looking ceramic.

Products used:

PCI Seccoral 2K, PCI Nanolight, PCI Durafug NT, PCI Durapox NT, PCI Nanocret 100

The application of the products in Poland requires the authority by the national „Institute for Structural Engineering” ITB in Warsaw and/or – if European standards are available – the conformity declaration according to these standards.

Owner: Wroclawski Park Wodny S.A. in cooperation with InterSPA Gesellschaft für Kur- und Freizeitanlagen mbH from Stuttgart
Architect: Planning offices iPlan GmbH, Stuttgart and the Polish partner office Proexbud Wroclaw
Company: Fliesen-Flemming,Oelsnitz
Specialist advice: Dipl.- Ing. Falk Findeisen
Your contact for enquiries:

Kerstin Jung
PCI Augsburg GmbH
Tel.: 0821-5901-347
Fax: 0821-5901-416
E-Mail: kerstin.k.jung@basf.com

In about 2 years, from July 2005 to August 2007, the sports and recreation center „Aquapark“ was built in the city of Wroclaw in the West of Poland. Wroclaw with over 600,000 inhabitants is the capital of voivodeship Lower Silesia.

An article in the newspaper Berliner Zeitung in August 2007 about the „Aquapark Wroclaw“ started with the words: Looking at it objectively it is only a swimming pool. A very nice and large one though, with flow channel, Finnish sauna and Ottoman bathing palace, but yet only a swimming pool“.

It is not only a large swimming pool ! Regarding the dimension it is the largest bath resort in Poland and also outranges all other “Wonnemar” recreation and public bath resorts in Germany built by InterSPA Stuttgart.