Object: My home in Walldorf
Subtitle: Project of 44 newly built terraced houses in Walldorf, Germany
Date: 31.05.12
City: Walldorf, Germany 
Completion: 2012

Tiling works in the bathrooms

Size: 44 newly built terraced Houses
Products used:

PCi Gisogrund, PCI Lastogum, PCI Pecitape 120, PCI Bicollit Light, PCI FT Extra, PCI Pericret, PCI Pecilastic U, PCI Rapidflott, PCI Nanofug, PCI Silcofern S,

Owner: Epple Holding GmbH
Company: Fliesen und Natursteine Laier, Wiesloch-Baiertal, Germany
Specialist advice:  PCI specialist Rainer Schölch
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The Epple company group has built 44 concrete terraced houses in the new development area "Walldorf-Süd". (Figure 1) In order to keep costs and construction time as low as possible, the whole wall and floor structure were built with prefabricated concrete parts. The tiling areas for wall and floor tiles consisted of evenly formed concrete not older than three months except for two drywalls in the bathrooms. The Wiesloch-Baiertal based company "Fliesen und Natursteine Laier" was contracted for the tiling work.