Object: Simplicity requested
Subtitle: Former parish church in the German town Zwochau gets a new exposed concrete flooring with PCI Zemtec 1K
Date: 10.05.12
City: Zwochau, Germany 
Completion: 2012

Covering the church flooring with exposed concrete and an admixture of black pigments

Size: 200 sq. m
Products used:

PCI Gisogrund 404, PCI Pecitape Silent, PCI Armiermatte GFS (fibre glass reinforcement), PCI Zemtec 1K, black pigments, PCI Finopur

Owner: Fokolarbewegung Ostdeutschland e.V. (Focolare Movement East Germany)
Architect: Elmar Paul Sommer, Monschau / Eifel
Company: O'Color Maler- und Lackierhandwerk Oliver Kowalski, Bad Köstritz, Germany
Specialist advice: Mr Jörg Schulze, PCI specialist

In 2011, the priest community of the East Germany Focolare Movement, Fokolarbewegung Ostdeutschland e.V., bought the former parish church St. Pius X, located next to their meeting centre in Zwochau and redesigned it in terms of their spirituality. This house of prayer, since then entrusted to the protectorate of the Holy Trinity, should be kept as simple as possible. Under the direction of the Elmar Paul Sommer architects from Monschau / Eifel, the overall floor design plan was developed bearing the idea of using the exposed concrete with its functional look. This work was carried out by the Bad Köstritz based painting company O'Color Maler- und Lackierhandwerk Oliver Kowalski in close cooperation with PCI specialist Jörg Schulze.