Object: Closing the joint of a gutter laid in concrete
Date: 15.06.11
City: Celle, Germany 
Completion: 2011

Closing the joint of a gutter laid in concrete

Size: approx. 2 km long gutter, in two rows
Products used:

PCI Pavifix CEM, PCI Pavifix V

Owner: state of Lower Saxony / Goslar county
Architect: Eurovia Teerbau GmbH
Company: Eurovia Teerbau GmbH, ZS Osterode
Specialist advice: PCI technical adviser Mathias Osterwald PCI technical adviser Manfred Vaupel
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Sealed areas, be they streets or places, are mostly drained by an inclined surface. In general a longitudinal drainage by gutters is installed along or between the traffic areas. These gutters built of gutter slabs, shaped stones or paving stones uptake the running water and transfer it to road gulleys or the drainage channel. PCI Augsburg GmbH has accompanied and professionally supervised such a project among others also in Lauenthal / Goslar county.