Object: The joints are what truly matters
Subtitle: Titus Thermen (thermal springs): PCI reaction resin binder for long-lasting joints
Date: 06.08.12
City: Frankfurt on the Main, Germany 
Completion: 2012

Re-grouting of cementitious joints over an area of 870 sq. m within nine days

Size: 870 sq. m
Products used:

PCI Durapox NT plus

Owner: BBF BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH
Architect: BBF BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH
Company: Hoffelner GmbH, Dreieich
Specialist advice: Mr Ingo Grollmisch, PCI Application Technology
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The thermal springs Titus Thermen in the North-West centre of Frankfurt on the Main are one of three leisure and adventure pools run by BBF BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH. Designed and constructed after the Late Roman model in 1992, the thermal springs offer bathing fun and relaxation for the whole family over an area of 5000 sq. m. The refurbishment of the cementitious joints had become necessary on a surface of 870 sq. m over the three floors of the spa and wellness world. The joints showed wash-outs of one to four millimetres. The operating company opted for re-grouting with a very long-lasting epoxy resin grout that can be applied in thin layers.