Object: Relax in luxury with just a minimum of space
Subtitle: Always in motion: PCI products make mobile steam shower cabin a success story
Date: 05.06.13
City: Krefeld, Germany 
Completion: 2013

Tiling of a mobile steam shower

Size: 4,5 m²
Products used:

PCI Pecitape, PCI Univerdünner, PCI Ocean Flex PUR, PCI Drillrührer M 05, PCI Carraferm

Owner: BAUART Thorsten Verhoeven, Krefeld
Company: BAUART Thorsten Verhoeven<br /> Thorsten Verhoeven, Krefeld
Specialist advice: PCI application engineers Stefan Marx and Frank Gabriel PCI specialist consultant Hermann-Josef Gajowczyk
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With just 4.5 square metres of space, Thorsten Verhoeven, owner of master builders BAUART, has put a revolutionary idea into practice: a mobile wellness oasis with tiled steam shower cabin, recessed wash basin and designer radiator. He uses the vehicle to bring the benefits of a steam shower to life for those interested in the system. What's more, he offers his customers the mobile premium bathroom as a convenient alternative while full renovation of your main bathroom is underway. An innovative idea that the steel and concrete specialist successfully realised with equally innovative products from the construction chemicals specialist PCI Augsburg GmbH. Together with Stefan Marx, application engineer at PCI, Thorsten Verhoeven devised a watertight solution to realise his idea. Before the high-quality wall tiles could be laid, composite panels with an aluminium honeycomb core, especially suited for use in the transportation sector - for example in shipbuilding - needed to be affixed to isolate vibrations caused by potholes, unevenness etc. For this the wall to wall joints in the vertical area of the shower had to be properly sealed using the special PCI Pecitape waterproofing tape system. This was embedded in the polyurethane tile adhesive PCI Ocean Flex PUR. The material was specially developed for use on smooth, vibrating substrates such as aluminium or steel. Once the tape was applied work could start on laying the tiles. Ceramic wall tiles in the 20 x 80 cm format were used to transform the steam shower area into an eye-catching highlight. To ensure the high-quality material would hold permanently and to prevent the covering getting damaged by the anticipated shocks and vibrations, Thorsten Verhoeven also opted for the reaction resin tile adhesive PCI Ocean Flex PUR. As this tile adhesive features rapid, shrinkage-free curing, the walls in the shower area could be grouted after just three hours, and the corner and connection joints were then sealed using PCI Carraferm silicone joint sealant.

With his mobile steam shower solution Thorsten Verhoeven has succeeded in realising a unique concept. Since the middle of February this year, customers of the Krefeld-based business have been able to see the mobile steam shower for themselves, and Verhoeven has already presented it at fairs and exhibitions with extremely positive feedback.