Object: Elegant Shopping Palace Nanotechnology of PCI at the „BLECHEN carré“ Cottbus
Date: 17.12.08
City: Cottbus, Germany 
Completion: 2008

Heavy cleaning machines, hand lifts and – hopefully – a whole lot of people, in addition cleaning chemicals every day, spills of food and de-icing salt in the winter, that is the everyday life of floorings in a shopping mall like the „BLECHEN“ Cottbus. And of course no signs of stress over the years should be visible on the floors. Investor and leaser want to bother with the floors as little as possible. They expect perfect beauty, durability and easy care, and that for years. Ceramic is the ideal requirement profile for it – if it is professionally laid.


Size: 16.500 m²
Products used:

PCI Gisogrund
PCI Seccoral
PCI Nanoflott
PCI Nanolight
PCI Flexfug

Owner: Gepro Bau mbH, Brieselang
General contractor: HOCHTIEF Construction AG, Cottbus
Architect: Richter Altmann Jyrch, Cottbus
Specialist advice: Frank Scholz

Secure and economical


It was decided to apply the system products of PCI Augsburg GmbH at the „BLECHEN carré“. The decision was made due to the constant quality, the fast walkability of the surfaces even under bad job site conditions and the availability of the selected material according to the customer’s need because of a well functioning logistics. And after all there were positive experiences in the cooperation with PCI Augsburg GmbH with several other large projects.

Thanks to nanotechnology and unique light filler combination PCI Nanolight – the all-purpose product for all substrates – has a high coverage and good workability, is non-sagging, but has a long open time which makes work easier. The variable flexible mortar sets fast and cures without shrinking. The surfaces are walkable and groutable after eight hours.


PCI Nanoflott, a special multi-use flowable mortar especially developed for laying fully vitrified tiles can be applied as flowable mortar and also as non-sag thin-bed mortar. PCI Nanoflott cures well despite the long open time even at cool temperatures. The surfaces are walkable and groutable after about nine hours and can take loads after 48 hours