Object: Spa resort by Fliesen Stolz
Date: 08.05.09
City: Saarwellingen, Germany 
Completion: 2009

Expansion and new design of the spa resort at a fitness center in Saarwelingen/Saarland with easily accessible surfaces without rough corners.

Products used:

PCI Pecidur-Creativ

PCI Pecilastic W

PCI Nanolight

PCI Nanofug

PCI Seccoral

PCI Pecitape W

PCI Novoment Z3

PCI Nanocret 100

Company: Fliesen Stolz, Steinberg
Specialist advice: Bernd Jolly Jörg Hilden
Your contact for enquiries:

Kerstin Jung
PCI Augsburg GmbH
Tel.: 0821-5901-347
Fax: 0821-5901-416
E-Mail: kerstin.k.jung@basf.com

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Spa resorts as facilities beneficial to your health have been very popular for quite a while and are an inherent part for most people’s recreational acitivities.



This was also the idea of the operator of a fitness center and he opened a newly designed fitness center in Saarwellingen/Saarland.



The existing, a bit out-dated sauna facilities were completely demolished and subsequently expanded resulting in a newly designed spa area well accepted by guests and operator.



Rounded, organic shapes should give the guests the maximum possible comfort and at the same time provide a surface without rough edges for easier cleaning.



A high demand of craftsmanship and skill for special constructions were required by the tile laying company Stolz from Steinberg due to these specifications as to planning.